Accountability Partners!

Writing is not an easy task; and there are times when you need a little more accountability than usual in order to move towards your deadlines and goals. This is why the writing community is so full and diverse, and you can look for general support, encouragement and feedback from writers from all levels of … Continue reading Accountability Partners!


Just for you: Discount on your favorite books for February!!!

In the spirit of the month meant for love and happiness, I'm spreading a little love to everybody!! For the ENTIRE MONTH OF FEBRUARY, you can receive 25% off an autographed copy of either Playing with Fire or From a Lover's Mouth!! Click THIS LINK to purchase and use the code "LOVER2018" at checkout!!!

The Down and Dirty Things Writers Don’t Always Tell You

Most of the time, when someone sees a writer, it is after the dust has settled and the smoke has cleared.  Their book has hit the shelves, Amazon, or their online store.  They have taken that long awaited exhale from the pressures of publishing, had a celebratory drink and sent out enough "thank-you's" to last … Continue reading The Down and Dirty Things Writers Don’t Always Tell You