Writing in Color Publishing was started to provide others with a more professional platform to publish my work, and also to fuel my passion for helping other men and women of color to know that they can aspire to be great writers in a population where people of color are not as widely represented.  In doing so, I realized that by me creating my own lane of editing and publishing, I was also creating an opportunity for me to lend my services to others who are aspiring to accomplish the same goals and aspirations for themselves.

With the establishment of Writing in Color, my mission is to give a platform to writers of color to publish, and also be a mentor to those who have the dream and aspire to become writers.  We offer both publishing and editing services to those interested in having their poetry, short stories or manuscripts proofread and edited.

Anyone who is looking for a company who will put 100% love, support and encouragement behind a project and give you what you will need to reach your goals, will need to contact Writing in Color Publishing, where we create #WritersWhoSlay!