Praise the Process

Far too often, I find myself getting discouraged at the fact that I haven’t reached my end goal of where I should be with my books. I beat myself up and critique myself to death when really, I should be praising the process I’m going through instead of beating myself up for not achieving.

I always have to remind myself that being a writer in between having a full-time job (something I’ll dig into in a later post) is very difficult. And not only do I have a full-time job, I’m a full time mother as well. There are so many competing priorities in my life, that I can barely keep everything scheduled properly.

So instead of celebrating my marginal gains towards the process, I give myself criticism for not being able to achieve what could very well be the impossible. Because of my circumstances, life happens all the time. There are days when I get exactly what I want done when I want it done, and there are other days when I don’t know what I’m doing at all. Within the first hour everything is ruined and my day is turned upside down. The unproductive days seem to happen more than the productive ones, but I never give myself credit for what I could accomplish.

As I focus on my writing journey through 2 different projects, I try to be mindful of things that I’ve done and celebrate what I’ve been able to achieve along the way. If I was able to write for two hours, celebrate. If I finish editing a section, celebrate. If I finally find my cover, celebrate! All these things are just as crucial to the process as actually getting the words on paper. So take the time to praise your process, don’t tell yourself you’re not making it, celebrate how far you’ve come.


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