Accountability Partners!

Writing is not an easy task; and there are times when you need a little more accountability than usual in order to move towards your deadlines and goals. This is why the writing community is so full and diverse, and you can look for general support, encouragement and feedback from writers from all levels of experience.

Having an accountability partner, or an accountability community is very beneficial to the writing process. I’m sure we all have someone to vent to about our writing experience, but sometimes there’s nothing like venting to a community of your peers, who also can relate and identify with your experiences.

Here is why having an accountability partner is a great benefit to adding to your writing journey:

  • They help create writing tasks and challenges for you (and deadlines)
  • They help celebrate those milestones
  • They help to push you
  • They’re there to critique you and help to be a shoulder to lean on when things are getting rough
  • They understand the highs and lows of writing
  • They understand the publishing and writing industry
  • They see the potential in you to be a success

Having an accountability partner in different aspects in life can be successful; however, for your writing, I see nothing but benefits and gains to your progressions and success as a published author. They push you to your goals, help give constructive feedback and are able to give you advice on how to get through the challenges and setbacks that the publishing industry may give you on the way to the finish line to the shelves of your favorite bookstore or online stores.

Today, I challenge you to seek out a community of your peers to become your accountability partners, and join forces to keep each other on the path to success to reach your goals. Let’s all help each other become successful one page at a time!


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