Let Consistency and Commitment be Your Guide!

Every writer has to be steadfast in two things in my opinion, commitments and consistency. Without those two things, I believe that you will not have a successful or prosperous career in writing.

Consistency is key in all aspects of writing, from the time you sit down in front of your computer to write, to the moment your book is hitting the shelves in a store. Without consistency, there’s no way you can be as great as you want to be with your writing career.

You also have to make a full commitment to this life of being a writer. Being a writer is not for those who are not willing to fully commit to the work, effort and dedication it takes to become one. You cannot just sit down, write words and be a writer; you have to have the passion to also do what it takes to have a goal behind your craft. As a writer, I also want to expand my craft to also edit and puplish other writers and build my own publishing company (which I’ve already begun to do). Doing anything you love takes consistency and commitment in order to see any success from it. Having these two things to drive you, will reap nothing but ultimate rewards in the end for anything you put your mind to!


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