Let it REST: Resting before the Editing Phase

I just recently finished one of my projects (secret will be revealed soon) and I am EXCITED because I am ahead of schedule. The beauty of that is I am allowing the words to REST!

The beauty of resting is it gives me time to take a complete break from my work, so when I come back to it, it’s almost like a new piece of work that I’m reading. Sometimes I’ll catch up on some reading, do some blogging or other writing or anything to take my mind away from that current project, so that when I come back to it, it’s almost like it’s a brand new book.

The constant discussion I have seen in resting is determining how long you allow your work to rest before you pick it up again. I’ve seen any ranges between a few days to upwards of six weeks. I don’t mind and understand resting for a long time because you want a completely fresh set of eyes when you look at your manuscript prior to editing, so my personal goal is to allow it to rest for as long as possible prior to editing again.

The bottom line is, no matter how long it takes and, once you are finished typing that last word on your manuscript, close your laptop, take a deep breath, celebrate; and let your manuscript take a breather for a couple days too!


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