Creating my 2018 Writing Plan

Today I sat down and I made a plan for the 2018 year in regards to my writing. I have set up a schedule for myself and there are tentative published dates (to be released at a later time) in place and I am thoroughly excited.

I made a writing plan for myself to allow myself to see my vision on paper. I know what I want to achieve, but sometimes we as people get caught up in enjoying the process, when we truly have to keep ourselves on specific timelines and deadlines. I noticed if I don’t have a deadline, I am not diligent in getting the writing done and I tend to be lenient with myself about getting a writing assignment complete. I’m sure a few of you all can relate to this.

Next year, I’ll be taking a new, more accountable approach to my writing routine and hopefully, if I stick to my schedule, my books will be released as planned, right on time!


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