Welcome to Writing in Color Publishing!

After much research, careful thought, prayer and encouragement, I want to personally welcome you to the website for Writing in Color Publishing.  Here you will find information on how to contact me, events, writing tips, advice and also a store where you can purchase my work and other merchandise from the Writing in Color brand.

Writing in Color is my personal dream that is living, breathing and manifesting daily.  My mission is the same; to give authors of color an opportunity and a platform to showcase their talent in the literary industry.

I have published 2 books since 2016, and am currently working on several other projects that I plan on publishing in the future.  I will also be utilizing my skills in editing to provide editting services to aspiring authors and writers who need an editor for their work.

I hope that you will enjoy this journey with me; as I continue to develop and grow this brand into something that I can be proud of.  My mission is clear and it is something that I take seriously; and I hope that I can make the dreams of many men and women of color come true, and help them become one step closer to accomplishing their dreams of becoming published authors with my help.



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